This Rose Means Everything

With a new manager in place and the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France looming large, the RFU sought to ignite fresh excitement and focus around the England Men’s Rugby team, and to broaden its appeal to a younger audience. MATTA were tasked to develop a fresh, invigorating campaign that builds an emotional connection between the players and a younger, more diverse fanbase, with the aim to grow brand awareness and affinity towards the national team.

‘This Rose Means Everything’ explores and embodies what it means to be English today, to support England and to play for England. It captures how the Rose links everyone and everything we love about the place we call home by using both traditional and innovative means to both engage long-standing fans and appeal to younger audiences.
As part of the campaign, we wanted to emphasise the rich tapestry of England’s Rugby World Cup squad, a revitalised team blending youthful energy and hardened experience. Every player wearing the Rose in France not only represents every England fan, but brings their own unique background, motivation, skills and perspectives into the team.

When united together, these differences are a source of strength and inspiration not only for the players, but also for the country, as embodied in the hero film.