T100 Triathlon World Tour Rebrand

The PTO came to us with the aim of redefining triathlon by creating a new brand for its 100km triathlon.

We developed a brand strategy that would showcase the athletes as heroes pushing the limits of human sporting performance - the planet’s ultimate athletes. The new name, T100, highlights the unique distance of the race, whilst also signally the maximum, the best in achievement.

At the heart of the brand’s new visual identity is a graphic that tells a story: inspired by the heart rate of an athlete during a triathlon, the graphic is made up of three sets of 100 individual lines, referencing the sport’s three disciplines (swim, bike, run). The supergraphic is, quite literally, the beating heart of the new T100 brand.

The 2024 season will see 8 races taking place in iconic locations around the world, with the sport’s top 20 male and female athletes competing to become the inaugural T100 World Champion. In growing the sport they hope to make these athletes household names.