The ICC sought our expertise to revitalise the visual identity of the ICC T20 World Cup, the pinnacle of international T20 cricket. The vibrant new logo, premiering at the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in the West Indies & USA and later at the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup in Bangladesh 2024, symbolises the core elements of international T20 cricket with a creative fusion of bat, ball, and energy.

The logo, featuring T20 lettering transforming into a swinging ‘bat’ within a dynamic ‘ball,’ highlights the intense drama of every ball bowled and underscores the game-changing potential of a single swing. With a 'strike' graphic and a zig-zag pattern symbolising rising excitement, the logo mirrors the unique atmosphere of International T20 World Cup matches.

The brand identity, inspired by host countries, starts with a bespoke pattern paying homage to the palm trees of the West Indies and the ‘stripes’ of the USA, presenting a bold and dynamic new style that solidifies the ICC T20 World Cup's status as the most entertaining competition in world cricket.