After an exceptional year for women’s sport, Clinique came to MATTA wanting to see how they could get involved in sport and specifically girls sport in an authentic way. This desire came from insight into how skin confidence can help empower girls to take on life’s challenges, whether it be a sporting aspiration or wanting to just feel great. They also wanted to find a way to champion participation in sport for girls. So, the team at MATTA shared its expertise and experience from working across a wide range of sports including its work in women’s sport, like the Women’s Euro 2022, England Netball and the Red Roses in Rugby.

The result is #GameFace, a campaign which celebrates the transformative power of an effective skincare routine, inspired by England Rugby Red Roses star Holly Aitchison’s personal experience and making her the perfect role model to become the Clinique UK & Ireland #GameFace Ambassador. Holly aims to spread optimism and inspire young women to feel resilient in achieving their goals of feeling confident in their own skin, particularly when it involves participation in sport and fitness.

At the heart of the campaign is a tangible Club sponsorship programme - a chance for girls’ rugby clubs to receive a specially designed support package, worth up to £10,000. The aim of these Clinique club support packages, including equipment, products, travel support and education resources, is to create a legacy of support and encourage girls by enhancing their Club experience, connecting their lives outside of the sport and helping them find their Game Face.