We were asked by the Professional Triathletes Organisation to create a campaign that aimed to disrupt, entertain and educate for the new Ryder Cup of triathlon - The Collins Cup.

The event which sees three International teams of triathletes, Europe, USA and International come together to compete for the sport’s global bragging rights, has been promoted with a campaign inspired by the number 3. Three teams, three disciplines and each match comprising three competitors. Graphically, the media is always split into 3, copy is developed in 3’s and the overall effect is to emotionally excite consumers, challenging their preconceptions of what endurance eventing can be. The three word end line, ‘Passion. Power. Pride.’ is a summary of everything the new competition is about. The passion you get from being part of a team, the incredible power of the super human athletes and the pride of competing for your flag.

The campaign was further extended by creating 36 assets, one for each competing athlete to build the fame and reach of the stars of this sport.