The ICC wanted the Cricket World Cup 2019 to deliver ‘the greatest ever cricket celebration’.

The data indicated that in order to sell out the ICC Cricket World Cup, and deliver great TV viewing figures it would take much more than engaging existing hardcore cricket fans. The competition would need to attract lesser-engaged fans, and even those who wouldn't call themselves cricket fans at all. The difficulty was cricket had a very low level of salience among these non-core fans, largely because they felt it was ‘boring’. Our research indicated that the pull of the World Cup for this more distant audience was the atmosphere of ‘a good day out’ at an international sporting spectacle - more than nuances of the game itself.

We faced this challenge head on, the campaign dialled up the colourful, carnival atmosphere, with a musical launch film bringing this to life, led (and sung) by Freddie Flintoff who transcends the sport into popular culture. Vibrancy, brightness, and inclusivity were the themes of the campaign all brought together with the phrase - ‘Are You In?’ - the line being both a direct yet colloquial call to action and also nodding to the game.