People like cricket. How do we make them love it?

Research showed that we needed to deliver an international team that was both authentic and committed.

We told the world, that when players represent England, ’it’s not just cricket’, it’s much more than that. We showed England cricketers giving it all for their country, leaving everything on the field.

Following the campaign, consumer agreement with the team being ‘committed’ was +13ppt, and being ‘authentic’ +10ppt. Overall perceptions were improved for the 48% of target consumers who saw the campaign vs those who didn’t.

Last summer, attendance figures for international and domestic cricket matches in England and Wales were the highest since the ECB was founded 18 years ago - with more that 2.3 million fans attending matches. International attendances were up by 75,000 on 2014 - despite all five Investec Ashes Test matches finishing inside four days.