Maybe, over time The FA Cup had lost a little of its lustre; perhaps its glamorous competitors had stolen some of its limelight.

But with giants, underdogs, risk, unlikely heroes, and the promise of treasure at the end - it still provided some of sport’s most incredible stories.

We repositioned it as football’s greatest adventure.

A cup where players and fans journey to far off, unusual places, and heroes risk everything, against the odds, for a chance of glory.

In its third year now, the campaign consistently generates millions of social media views and interactions around the world, helping the Cup to regain its shine with Millenials - 47% of whom now perceive Emirates FA Cup matches to be more important than league matches, up from 30% in 2014.

Attendance is the highest it has been for five years.

The campaign has reminded the world that there is only one competition where Every Game’s an Adventure.